MOBOTIX S16 Thermal Wins 1st Place In The GIT Security Award

Award WINNING Technology from MOBOTIX

The MOBOTIX S16 Thermal competed against an array of renowned security solutions in the Video Security category at the GIT Security Award and was awarded first place.

The S16 Thermal received the most votes from Wiley Media readers as well as the online communities of, and The awards ceremony took place on 25 September at the Wiley GIT Security stand at the Security Essen trade fair.

Fascinating, Effective, Affordable: High-Caliber Thermal Imaging Technology In A Modular Dual Camera System
Complement your perimeter protection and fire prevention solutions with far superior technology.

These weatherproof MOBOTIX thermal cameras detect and register objects and people using a thermal signature, even in total darkness at a distance of over 100 meters.
Most importantly, thermal cameras safeguard privacy.

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