MOBOTIX is known as an innovative producer of smart and autonomous IP cameras since the year 2000.

From the beginning, cameras were equipped with CMOS sensors without any moving parts to improve backlight situations and longterm reliability.  The camera itself runs the software for automatic event detection, alarm messaging, video analysis, direct NAS ring buffer storage and remote functions.


The openness of the MOBOTIX 7 platform delivers ultimate individuality.  MOBOTIX 7 will change video surveillance. It provides an infinite number of possibilities.

The MOBOTIX 7 system platform already includes special apps that cover a significant number of industry-specific, individual requirements.  In addition, the platform is open for apps developed by our partners and customers.  This is how new solutions are created all the time.  The possibilities now grow with the customer’s needs.


With our technologically extremely broad MOBOTIX camera portfolio, you are perfectly equipped for virtually any video project and every requirement!
In addition to the decentralized IoT camera program, MOBOTIX also offers the classic centrally managed MOBOTIX MOVE camera series.

This includes three different camera types in several detail versions: PTZ SpeedDome cameras, bullet cameras and dome cameras.


Thermal imaging has evolved past just seeing in the dark, the uses of this technology vary but can be applied to protection, warning, asset management and health.

More and more industrial companies, public institutions , authorities and health organization’s use thermal imaging technology to protect their assets , personnel and provide proactive warning systems.


Perfect device to store MOBOTIX IoT cameras, MOBOTIX MOVE cameras and ONVIF-S based IP cameras. Through our VMS (MxMC 2.0 and higher) the user can playback all recording of the MxNAS including the ONVIF-S footage.

A highly efficient complete solution with secure data storage from a single source, which now allows decentralized and centralized video components to be easily combined.


Learn how to create lasting value with smart solutions from MOBOTIX.

With a structured commercial and technical curriculum we will assist you in achieving expertise in MOBOTIX products and solutions.

Webinars and on-line courses, available in this section, are the perfect tools for those who prefer to acquire their competences at their own pace.


The E x p a n d a b l e Video Management Platform

Reach new levels of video intelligence. Discover new worlds and connections. With the open MOBOTIX HUB video management platform, the possibilities are endless. MOBOTIX HUB integrates the ever-growing variety of intelligent video analysis tools from top developers around the world.

MOBOTIX HUB will change the way video technology is used. It is the platform that gives you the perfect overview to secure, control and improve your business.


Enjoy more freedom with MOBOTIX CLOUD.

Cloud technology is the future — so why not get started today? MOBOTIX CLOUD is an agile and dynamic platform that opens up entirely new opportunities for you or your business.

Access your video systems conveniently and securely, wherever you want, whenever you want. Manage your cameras and users easily and efficiently — from any device, whether you prefer a smartphone, tablet or PC.