ProDiS Would Like to Thank YOU, our Loyal Customer

In May, Prodis had the privilege of being apart of the annual Mobotix Roadshow in South Africa.

We joined the Mobotix Team from Germany, Bevan Vorster and Ahmad Younes on their journey for both events, one held in Cape Town and one in Midrand, Gauteng this year.

We would like to thank our clients for the big presence we had at these events, we appreciate your loyalty towards Prodis (Pty) Ltd and the Mobotix Range. We hope you found it as interesting, insightful and brilliantly organized as we did.

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What’s News in Our world…

Integration not simple, but beneficial

Commercial environments are no longer looking for individual security solutions. Today they want a package that offers all the aspects of security they need. Part of the reason for this move is cost based – it’s supposedly cheaper and more convenient to get it all from one supplier. Another reason is the need for integrated solutions that talk to each other for easier management and improved security.

ProDiS (Pty) Ltd is a leading value-added distributor offering tailored, supported solutions based on Industrial IP Surveillance and Hemispheric and Decentralized Technology. Offering supporting products to complete a turnkey solution, from: storage, optical, mobility, automation, analytics, networking equipment to full Integrated Video Management Systems.

Reliable communications means reliable security
It is a common belief in large sections of South African society that living in residential estates or closed communities greatly enhances security levels and contributes to a more open and free lifestyle. Due to consistently high levels of crime and attacks on residential properties, people have gradually bought into communal living and, quite understandably, believe that the safety in numbers approach is the best way forward.

While there is a valid argument for this approach, one needs to bear in mind that as security barriers are introduced, the ability of criminal elements to overcome these is also evolving. Most reputable security companies offer a multi-level solution focused on back-up and redundancy. This takes various forms and includes the human element as well as a number of technology layers.

Introducing the New Member to the Mobotix Family

6MP Vandalism Camera v25 Perfect Protection 

Competitive and ProfessionalThe new v25 camera is the first MOBOTIX vandalism indoor camera and at the same time supporting all MOBOTIX functions. The customer gets a complete standalone video surveillance system, including SD card or NAS event recording, alarming, professional video management (VMS) and video analysis functions like heat map and object statistics.

Features Include:

  • Professional Protection – Stainless steel with reinforced dome cover
  • Shock Detection – Push or impact generates an alarm
  • Video Sensor – MxActivitySensor reducing false alarms
  • Event Recording – On-board (SD card) & direct to NAS
  • MxAnalytics – Heat map & people statistics
  • Alarm Notification – E-mail, FTP & VoIP (SIP)
  • Communication – Two-way audio option