2nd MOBOTIX Mx6 Camera Generation Available

The MxBus functionality, developed by MOBOTIX, makes it possible to connect additional modules, such as the Mx GPS box as a time server. MxBus helps achieve a complete all around video security system.

The #MOBOTIX series “Compact Guide” provides basic information and practical hints for optimal use of MxAnalytics with 5MP/6MP cameras.https://bit.ly/2x8W5ut

Read more about the MOBOTIX MxBus functionalities here

The powerful new Mx6 camera line has a new addition

Mx6 – Intelligent. Powerful. Flexible.

MOBOTIX is continuing to add products to their new, supplementary line of Mx6 cameras.

Following the highly successful launch of the M16, D16, S16 and V16 outdoor dual-lens cameras, MOBOTIX now presents the weatherproof Mx6 cameras with an image sensor and lens: D26 Dome, M26 Allround, Q26 Hemispheric and S26 Flex.

On the outside, they look the same as the x25 cameras, which are still available; in these new cameras, the innovations are mainly on the inside. The new Mx6 dual-core microprocessor technology is particularly well suited to MOBOTIX’s decentralized system architecture.