Are Integrated Security Solutions the answer to saver Cities & Businesses?

Surveillance cameras have become an integral component of any comprehensive security solution and are particularly applicable in city and central business district (CBD) scenarios where crime tends to be a more common occurrence. However, simply having cameras in place is not sufficient to either deter crime or catch the perpetrators after the fact.
As businesses grow, so do security needs. One location area may quickly evolve into a complex of buildings, workplaces, production sites and activities. Such expansion calls for regular and ongoing assessments of security risks and safety challenges.These structural and environmental changes may pose challenges for access control; monitoring movements of employees, visitors and contractors; defining boundaries for facilities and grounds; standardizing procedures and decision-making processes; and prioritizing resource allocations.

A fully integrated system is the ideal, but such a system begins by having the right security at every level of need. To achieve a fully integrated security system, consider these four primary levels of access management and control:
– Level 1 – Mechanical Access
– Level 2 – Electronic Access Control and Key Management
– Level 3 – Networked Access Control
– Level 4 – Facility Integration

At PRODIS we focus on offering tailored, supported solutions based on Industrial IP Surveillance and Hemispheric and Decentralized Technology. Offering supporting products to complete a turnkey solution, from: storage, optical, mobility, automation, analytics, networking equipment to full Integrated Video Management Systems.

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