ELENEK: Professional Lighting Solutions

At ProDiS (Pty) Ltd, we know that when you are working in the field of security and CCTV/IP-camera surveillance, lighting is of the utmost importance to you.

Along with Elenek, we at ProDiS (Pty) Ltd are aware of that, and as security lighting experts we are there to help you to realize your surveillance goals.

Whether your need is to survey borders and fences, watch over huge terrains and buildings or just over an office interior, read license plates at phenomenal speeds or distances, or see who is at the door in absolute darkness, you have come to the right address.

If you don’t want any light to be visible on the scene, we offer infrared solutions, as it might hinder the environment, the traffic, the wildlife or because you don’t want anyone to realize you are surveying. We also offer powerful white light solutions that will fulfill every need you might have in that respect.

Modern IP cameras work better when there is enough light to prevent “snow”. The recorded images will get a lot better, motion detection will function properly and recording capacity requirements decrease because of more efficient video compression.

Find more details on our website: www.prodis.co.za

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Mobotix M15 – Dual. Modular. Unique.

True to the original: The weatherproof, robust successor to our successfulMOBOTIX dual camera features interchangeable sensor modules as well as the latest MOBOTIX system technology. As a result, it remains totally unique in terms of performance, functionality and design.
  • Modular system with exchangeable image sensors
  • Weatherproof premium dual camera for all kinds of applications (IP66)
  • Combined day/night camera for 24-hour use
  • 6MP sensors with Moonlight Technology
  • Including video motion detection software MxActivitySensor


Also Available in Thermographic – AllroundDual M15 Thermal

  • High-end thermografic camera with thermal sensor of typically 50 mK and a temperature measuring range of -40 to +550°C/-40 to +1022°F
  • Two cameras in one: Thermal sensor plus 6MP sensor module can be displayed simultaneously in the dual image.
  • The thermal sensor is capable of detecting even in complete darkness and/or through smoke, smog, or a thin plastic screen (limited during thick fog).
  • Thermal images for detection are an ideal addition to systems with standard image sensors (for identification).
  • The combination with the MxActivitySensor in particular delivers extremely reliable video analysis results of person/vehicle movements, as it is now possible to block out disruptive factors such as regular movements of “cold” objects such as bushes, grass, water, clouds, waves, etc.
  • Thermal technology coverage is largely independent of distance.
  • Thermal sensor with three different focal lengths available (image angle of 17°, 25° and 45°).

Automate Your Home, Retail & Office Environment

The Mobotix T25  – IP Video Door Station – Better Overview. Increased Security. More Possibilities.
The IP Video Door Station from MOBOTIX is an innovative, modular system for door communication and access control. The system supports the VoIP/SIP video telephony standard and can be upgraded or modified at any time. The camera module featuring innovative MOBOTIX 5MP technology records all events taking place in front of the building or gate; when the bell is pushed, when motion is detected in the image area or upon triggering a contact. Fit for any weather, at dawn and dusk, as well as for back light situations.

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MOBOTIX – Your Most Reliable Guard

Since 2000, MOBOTIX IP cameras have been known for their high-quality video performance and low bandwidth consumption thanks to their “decentralized architecture”.  The cameras themselves execute video analysis & event detection internally, and manage their video ring buffer on a NAS or server by themselves. This reduces the workload of the VMS workstation and network dramatically.

Network fluctuations or longer interruptions are compensated by an on board video buffer (SD card). As a result, MOBOTIX video systems are very reliable and need fewer servers, fewer workstations and less network infrastructure than other brands.  This reduces the overall system costs as well as power consumption and the total energy bill. Encrypted recording by the camera itself guarantees data security and privacy.

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Your #1 Security Solution Provider to Africa

ProDiS offers advanced value added distribution services that enable you to increase your company’s revenue and competitive advantage by offering flexible solutions aimed to assist you in growing your business when delivering to your customers.

Designed to act as an extension of your team, the ProDiS operations department offers access to resources, skills, experience and industry know-how, when you need it most.



MOBOTIX Analytics: Behavioral Detection

MOBOTIX now offers 7 analysis tools that can monitor specific human and vehicular behaviors. The tools are available with the following cameras – c25, Q25 and S15M. Once enabled they can be configured to alert you of specific events such a “wrong direction”, “moving too quickly”, “loitering”, “restricted area” and so on.

“Undesired” motion patterns of objects and people can now trigger events, when using a 6MP camera c25, Q25 and S15M in-ceiling installations:

  • Corridor: Count objects in a defined corridor
  • Duration of stay: Object/person exceeds a defined time staying in the image area
  • Opposite direction: Object moves against main direction
  • Turn: Object changes direction between 45° and 135°
  • U-Turn: Object suddenly reverses direction
  • Speed: Object/person exceeds the defined speed (m/s)



The BEST Scalable ‘Network Attached Storage’ Solutions

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is a storage device connected to a network that allows storage and retrieval of data from a centralised location for authorised network users and heterogeneous clients. NAS devices are flexible and scale-out, meaning that as you need additional storage, you can add on to what you have.

A NAS is like having a private cloud in the office. It’s faster, less expensive and provides all the benefits of a public cloud onsite, giving you complete control.

NAS devices are perfect for small businesses because they are:

  • Simple to operate, a dedicated IT professional is often not required
  • Lower cost
  • Easy to use for back up of data, so it’s always accessible when you need it
  • Good at centralising data storage in a safe, reliable way

NUUO – IP Security Solutions for Industrial

Founded in 2004, NUUO Inc. is one of the leading global surveillance solution providers known for its reliability, prompt service and innovative spirit. NUUO’s VMS and NVR solution offers comprehensive recording, monitoring, and seamless 3rd party solution integration for IP and analog cameras.

NUUO is the open platform leader in software-centric video solutions. NUUO innovates to answer the need for sophisticated yet simple to use surveillance products. With solutions designed for every vertical industry, they have crafted an exciting array of products suitable for any surveillance needs.

Their products offer unmatched flexibility from combining open platform and open standards, yet remain feature rich and highly customizable.