The world’s fastest & most accurate enterprise face recognition platform

A highly scalable, powerful and secure face recognition platform

Instantly know when criminals, persons of interest and other threats encroach upon public or private spaces.

Geofence sensitive facilities using biometric surveillance as a means of identity authentication.

AI-powered image scoring selects the best facial image enrollments from video surveillance based on angle, lighting condition, facial expression and other factors.NETWORK EFFECT
Identify individuals, patterns and trends across thousands of geolocations.

Performs flawlessly across thousands of locations, creating a shared threat intelligence network.

Cloud and on-premise architecture options require less hardware and network bandwidth usage than ever before.

Protect crowded spaces, prevent crime and secure sensitive locations

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ProDiS Pty Ltd – Pioneering Innovative Value Creation

ProDiS (Pty) Ltd is a leading value-added distributor offering tailored, supported solutions based on Industrial IP Surveillance and Hemispheric and Decentralized Technology.

Offering supporting products to complete a turnkey solution, from: storage, optical, mobility, automation, analytics, networking equipment to full Integrated Video Management Systems.

By forging partnerships with leading international vendors and investing heavily in our workforce, ProDiS is able to deliver solutions that can be trusted to deliver beyond expectations.

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FaceFirst – The FUTURE of Facial Recognition

The FaceFirst surveillance platform enables you to accelerate forensic video investigations with keyword and visual searches that tell you when, where and how often visitors have been onsite.

It’s also hugely scalable, leveraging face detection data from your surveillance across an unlimited number of locations. Creating video analytics and reports from facial recognition matches in the cloud has never been easier.

FaceFirst was built with the ambition of achieving global scalability. For every security or customer-identification goal,FaceFirst gives you accurate alerts in seconds. FaceFirst is military-grade facial identification that communicates instantly with a vast central database, configured according to your requirements.

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The FUTURE of Facial Recognition

The FaceFirst biometric surveillance platform is trusted by law enforcement agencies, transportation centers, Fortune 500 retailers, military and other organizations worldwide to detect and deter threats through face recognition.

The company’s patented alerting system transforms security personnel effectiveness by delivering actionable intelligence when it’s needed most, ensuring that the right personnel are directed to the right place at the right time.

ProDiS Pty Ltd is an authorized FaceFirst distributor and are available to assist with any of your FaceFirst related questions or queries

We want to know your specific challenges and targets to see how we can help you propel your business beyond competition.