Your Door Station Just Got [Even] Smarter

MxBell App – Your Door Station Just Got Even Smarter.

Free Of Charge For Android And iOS

Never miss another visitor, thanks to push notifications!
Use MOBOTIX MxBell on your smartphone or tablet to receive notifications from the doorbell of a MOBOTIX IP Video Door Station and live views from MOBOTIX cameras.

This app helps you open the door and enables hands-free talking, automatic camera search, a live view, camera connection via SSL and display of the connection status.


The World’s First Flexible Dual Thermal Camera

The World’s First Flexible Dual Thermal Camera

The new thermal sensor modules measure the thermal radiation of objects, so that they can function in absolute darkness.

Together with the new MxActivitySensor, they can reliably detect motion in images at night. Only changes in position trigger a signal. Objects moving on the spot do not trigger a signal. The thermal sensor modules also have an advantage during the day since they can detect moving objects in shadows, semi-darkness, smoke, or behind bushes.


MOBOTIX New Product Announcement

The new MX-Proximity-Box is a weatherproof radar motion sensor for the MxBus connector that can be installed in a concealed way – for example, behind drywall. The MX-Proximity-Box boasts a special technical feature: It differentiates between radar signals, meaning for example that the box is able to send a MxMessage in response to objects that are directly approaching the device.
Other MOBOTIX Innovations And Changes Arriving In March:
  • The MX-System firmware release MX-V4.4.2.5x provides hardware support for the MX-Proximity-Box and many detailed improvements

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The Most Reliable & Secure Cameras in the World

Your IT security and privacy are important to us as a MOBOTIX distributor.

A wide range of built-in security technologies such as encryption, certificates, user defined access rights and anti-bot settings have always ensured that MOBOTIX camera systems are not only extremely reliable but also provide outstanding protection in terms of network security.

But even with all the technical precautions that take place in the camera, it is important to remember to change the factory default password.

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Prodis – Your #1 Security Solution Provider

ProDiS offers advanced value added distribution services that enable you to increase your company’s revenue and competitive advantage by offering flexible solutions aimed to assist you in growing your business when delivering to your customers.

Designed to act as an extension of your team, the ProDiS operations department offers access to resources, skills, experience and industry know-how, when you need it most.

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Remote Security Solutions for Residential Areas & Estates

For optimal monitoring of a residential estate, one needs to remove risks associated with human behavior, proactively prevent crime from taking place and secure the evidence.

Cameras placed around an estate should be connected to a remote control room, and triggered by motion sensors. Rather than live monitoring, which consumes massive amounts of bandwidth, the cameras only record when triggered by motion, and instantly notifies the control room, simultaneously feeding live footage to the remote facility.

ProDiS offers our clients an integrated, remote solution to optimize their security functionalities. Contact Prodis for info around your tailor made solution.

The future of Home & Office Automation

Mobotix T25 Door Station – Better Overview. Increased Security. More Possibilities.
Door stations with integrated cameras have been around for years. They are almost always based on analog TV technology that is over 60 years old and, because of the system involved, can only deliver very low image quality. Such systems only enable limited two-way communication. The new IP Video Door Station from MOBOTIX offers a modern, powerful solution that is easy to install and that has never been available to the market until now.

ExtIO Opens New Horizons For Cameras
With its new ExtIO module, MOBOTIX leads the way to completely new technology. The ExtIO can be connected to a camera either directly via USB or through a network. It extends the MOBOTIX camera to a high-performance audio unit with microphone and speaker, infrared motion detector, temperature sensor and additional switch in-/outputs. Door and gate intercom systems are easy to implement using the two illuminated buttons.

For Viewing & Device Management. The Smart Phone On The Wall.
MxDisplay+ is a wall-mountable Building Automation Server with touchscreen display, incorporating WiFi and RFID functionality. From this central glass console,you can add and configure all MOBOTIX devices. Multiple MxDisplay+’s can be wirelessly connected, each being powered via PoE.

New Products Announcement September 2016

MxSoftPanel 1.0
MxSoftPanel is a new, free of charge user software from MOBOTIX that offers the functionality and user interface of the MxDisplay+ as a stand-alone application, meaning it can transform any Windows- or Mac OS X-based computer into an additional remote station.

A Perfect Match
The new T25 Smart Access Set 1 with T25 IP Video Door Station and MxDisplay+, the video remote station, is available for immediate use after installation because it is completely pre-configured in the MOBOTIX factory. The set offers home owners, in particular, the ideal way to start implementing a smart home, while improving comfort and safety for the whole family.

MxManagementCenter (MxMC) V1.3
Tree Structure Of The Integrated Cameras, Groups And Clips For Administration And Navigation With MxMC 1.3, there is an expandable device bar available on the left of all views. This tree structure enables users to have an overview of the basic structure and simplify management of the video sources.

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