Why Video Management Software is vital for your surveillance system

As a central component of surveillance, video management software maximizes the ability of video cameras that have been installed throughout a facility.

It can also be integrated with third party devices and software, including VMS applications, fire alarm systems, CCTV cameras, intrusion detection system, and video analytics applications.

This feature helps in enhancing the security system’s interoperability; however, it is necessary for the third party software to be opensource compliant.

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State of the Art Software – An Innovative Business Solution

The XQAND platform is an easy to handle, economical software which grants you the best infrastructure for the Internet of things and provides you a lot of benefits.The right packaging for your software solution.

XQAND Technology is the specialist in individual hardware solutions. They create state-of-the-art innovations of the highest quality tailored exactly to your target groups and your software products.

All XQAND desktop and rack-mount units consist exclusively of certified, high-quality and high-performance components. They are specially designed for decentralized IP camera surveillance.

The XQAND Software creates the connection between your devices, monitors them and makes sure they are working properly. Want to know more? Click HERE

ProDiS Would Like to Thank YOU, our Loyal Customer

In May, Prodis had the privilege of being apart of the annual Mobotix Roadshow in South Africa.

We joined the Mobotix Team from Germany, Bevan Vorster and Ahmad Younes on their journey for both events, one held in Cape Town and one in Midrand, Gauteng this year.

We would like to thank our clients for the big presence we had at these events, we appreciate your loyalty towards Prodis (Pty) Ltd and the Mobotix Range. We hope you found it as interesting, insightful and brilliantly organized as we did.

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ProDiS – #1 Security Solution Provider to Africa

ProDiS offers advanced value added distribution services that enable you to increase your company’s revenue and competitive advantage by offering flexible solutions aimed to assist you in growing your business when delivering to your customers.

Designed to act as an extension of your team, the ProDiS operations department offers access to resources, skills, experience and industry know-how, when you need it most.

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2016 Security Trends to Follow

2016 Security Trends point to a more mobile and connected experience, ongoing advancements in privacy protection and broader adoption of best practices for solution deployment. Trends include:

Trend #1
‘Mobilising’ security will make it more pervasive and personalised: a new, more secure identity lifestyle will be built around the convenience of ever-present mobile devices. Computer and network logon, driver licences and other applications will more seamlessly join physical security functions on phones, tablets and laptops. Wearables will be the next step, and phones will also work with RFID tags to add security and trust to the IoT for proof-of-presence applications.

Trend #2
Security will move to a much greater focus on the user experience: This will help close the gap between planning and compliance, while ensuring that security adapts to rather than defines end-user habits and lifestyles. Old ways of authenticating will be replaced by more satisfying alternatives.

Trend #3
Secure, connected identities will fuel safety and innovation in how we work, shop and play: the industry will enter its next new chapter of connected identities, employing multi-layered security strategies that also include biometrics in order to bind these identities to their legitimate owners.

Trend #4
There will be more attention on privacy in an increasingly connected and mobile-first world: identity will expand beyond people and their personal identity to the identity of objects and their authenticity, accentuating the need to protect personal information across increasingly interconnected devices, services and applications.

Trend #5
Security policies and best practices will become as important as technology advances. The industry will sharpen its focus on not only what to deploy, but how – from the first US mobile driver licences to unified credential management systems that enable organisations to more holistically address both facility and information security. Rather than focus exclusively on preventing breaches, the industry will also adopt best practices for controlling what happens afterwards, so stolen identities are useless to thieves.

Prodis (Pty) Ltd is a strong believer and follower of the Integrated and Holistic type of security solution. We offer tailored, supported solutions based on Industrial IP Surveillance and Hemispheric and Decentralized Technology.

Offering supporting products to complete a turnkey solution, from: storage, optical, mobility, automation, analytics, networking equipment to full Integrated Video Management Systems.

What you should know about Video Management Software

Video Management Software (VMS) is sometimes referred to as NVR (Network Video Recorder) software. No matter what you call it, this software is primarily used to control and record video from IP cameras.

Since different Video Management Software supports different IP cameras, it is very important to select the video management software (VMS) before selecting your cameras. This allows you to select from the list of cameras supported by this software. Video management software provides three major functions:

1) Real-time video viewing
2) Recording Video
3) Automated notification of alarm conditions

Real time video viewing is usually used for catching shop lifters and other events that can be watched by security guards. It’s difficult to keep attention on many different video feeds so they only watch a few cameras at a time. In most applications the video is recorded and then reviewed after an incident occurs. The latest security systems use video analytics to notify the security person about an alarm condition.

Our mission is to develop, sell, and support innovative and advanced releases of Video Management Software, the most secure operating systems on the planet.

Visit our website for more info: http://www.prodis.co.za/video-management-software

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