What you should know about Video Management Software

Video Management Software (VMS) is sometimes referred to as NVR (Network Video Recorder) software. No matter what you call it, this software is primarily used to control and record video from IP cameras.

Since different Video Management Software supports different IP cameras, it is very important to select the video management software (VMS) before selecting your cameras. This allows you to select from the list of cameras supported by this software. Video management software provides three major functions:

1) Real-time video viewing
2) Recording Video
3) Automated notification of alarm conditions

Real time video viewing is usually used for catching shop lifters and other events that can be watched by security guards. It’s difficult to keep attention on many different video feeds so they only watch a few cameras at a time. In most applications the video is recorded and then reviewed after an incident occurs. The latest security systems use video analytics to notify the security person about an alarm condition.

Our mission is to develop, sell, and support innovative and advanced releases of Video Management Software, the most secure operating systems on the planet.

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