Why Video Management Software is vital for your surveillance system

As a central component of surveillance, video management software maximizes the ability of video cameras that have been installed throughout a facility.

It can also be integrated with third party devices and software, including VMS applications, fire alarm systems, CCTV cameras, intrusion detection system, and video analytics applications.

This feature helps in enhancing the security system’s interoperability; however, it is necessary for the third party software to be opensource compliant.

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Perimeter Monitoring Solutions that won’t break your budget

Next Generation Perimeter Security with Reliable Alarm Management
The term perimeter protection is defined as safeguarding the surroundings of a building, facility or installation and includes the protection of the outer zone as part of a complete security concept.

Depending on the protection level and structural conditions, a reliable and effective security solution is required which is able to recognize reliably and immediately potential threats around the clock, every day of the year, in any weather.

In order to maximize the possible time of intervention in difficult and extensive terrain, an early detection is as important as the avoidance of false alarms in adverse weather conditions (e. g. poles moving in wind, rain, snow fall) as well as the possibility to integrate 3rd party sensors for example with MOBOTIX functional boxes.

Reliable motion detection even in complete darkness without costly installation and maintenance and the differentiation of objects are just some decision criteria for a modern and intelligent perimeter solution from MOBOTIX.


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ProDiS (Pty) Ltd is a leading value-added distributor offering tailored, supported solutions based on Industrial IP Surveillance and Hemispheric and Decentralized Technology.

Offering supporting products to complete a turnkey solution, from: storage, optical, mobility, automation, analytics, networking equipment to full Integrated Video Management Systems.

ProDiS also focuses on educating and keeping our partners informed with the latest news, innovations and trends on a weekly basis. Keep an eye out for our weekly newsletter with more information and be sure to follow us on our various online platforms for your convenience.


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ProDiS Pty Ltd – Pioneering Innovative Value Creation

ProDiS (Pty) Ltd is a leading value-added distributor offering tailored, supported solutions based on Industrial IP Surveillance and Hemispheric and Decentralized Technology.

Offering supporting products to complete a turnkey solution, from: storage, optical, mobility, automation, analytics, networking equipment to full Integrated Video Management Systems.

By forging partnerships with leading international vendors and investing heavily in our workforce, ProDiS is able to deliver solutions that can be trusted to deliver beyond expectations.

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Why Synology? Find out from customers around the world

An efficient surveillance solution provides you with means of minimizing incidents or shoplifting, generating customer satisfaction, and increasing your productivity in the long run.

Set-up your monitoring environment easily with only three devices
Building your own monitoring environment is fast and convenient.
All you need is three core components: an IP camera (wired or Wi-Fi), a computer, and a Synology NAS for running Surveillance Station and storing recording files.

Alternatively, Synology NVR models deliver an all-in-one private surveillance solution that removes the necessity for a computer. If you’re constantly moving around, simply use a mobile device for monitoring, controlling, and receiving notification on-the-go!

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Why the MOBOTIX Intelligent POS video solution ?

Above and beyond traditional protection measures, intelligent Video Security for Preventive and Security Measures from MOBOTIX, opens entirely new avenues for the retail sector.

Competitively priced indoor camera models are ideal for retailers. The hemispheric technology by MOBOTIX is optimal for providing a wall-to-wall 360° view, which is necessary due to the short ranges when indoors. The camera performs high-quality image correction, ensuring the best quality possible for images without requiring a huge bandwidth.

This means that retailers can improve deployment of personnel, the layout of furniture/equipment and footpaths and placement of advertising and special offers in each individual sales room using the optimized overview, additional analysis data and the heat map of movements and transaction data. In the process, sales can be increased while costs are minimized.

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State of the Art Software – An Innovative Business Solution

The XQAND platform is an easy to handle, economical software which grants you the best infrastructure for the Internet of things and provides you a lot of benefits.The right packaging for your software solution.

XQAND Technology is the specialist in individual hardware solutions. They create state-of-the-art innovations of the highest quality tailored exactly to your target groups and your software products.

All XQAND desktop and rack-mount units consist exclusively of certified, high-quality and high-performance components. They are specially designed for decentralized IP camera surveillance.

The XQAND Software creates the connection between your devices, monitors them and makes sure they are working properly. Want to know more? Click HERE

Prodis – Your #1 Security Solution Provider

ProDiS offers advanced value added distribution services that enable you to increase your company’s revenue and competitive advantage by offering flexible solutions aimed to assist you in growing your business when delivering to your customers.

Designed to act as an extension of your team, the ProDiS operations department offers access to resources, skills, experience and industry know-how, when you need it most.

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Remote Security Solutions for Residential Areas & Estates

For optimal monitoring of a residential estate, one needs to remove risks associated with human behavior, proactively prevent crime from taking place and secure the evidence.

Cameras placed around an estate should be connected to a remote control room, and triggered by motion sensors. Rather than live monitoring, which consumes massive amounts of bandwidth, the cameras only record when triggered by motion, and instantly notifies the control room, simultaneously feeding live footage to the remote facility.

ProDiS offers our clients an integrated, remote solution to optimize their security functionalities. Contact Prodis for info around your tailor made solution.

NUUO – The Industrial Security Solution

Industrial installations certainly represent a major security, safety and operational challenge, with their specialist processes, commercially sensitive information, valuable materials, plant and equipment.

To enhance protection, and provide a bigger picture view of these critical facilities, NUUO’s Intelligent Surveillance Solutions are being deployed across a wide array of industrial sectors, whether it be automotive, manufacturing, utilities etc. How can NUUO Surveillance system help you? Let’s explore together.

Prodis (Pty) Ltd has been proudly associated with the world leading Video Management Software solution called NUUO since mid 2015, and we are still going strong. Contact Prodis for info around your tailor made solution.