More than just Surveillance

NUUO Intelligent Video Surveillance –
Halved false alarm, doubled accuracy

Surveillance cameras have become more and more popular nowadays. However, the main purpose for surveillance cameras still stays a forensic evidence tool. How to prevent property damage from happening, and how to use surveillance videos wisely are more important than just recording.

NUUO offers robust, feature rich IVS solution packages that are simple to set up and cost effective. NUUO IVS solution supports a variety of cameras, both IP and analog, and is also compatible with NUUO Mainconsole. With the most important business impacting features in mind, we packed features that will lower false alarms and raise detection accuracy. It even features self-learning algorithm for maximum adaptability to environmental changes for example ignoring swaying trees in the field of view. NUUO IVS engine can track, classify and analyze the behaviors of individuals or group of objects over long distances, to greatly improve parameter security and monitoring efficiency.

With an IVS in place, false alarms are no longer an issue for security guard and operator. High detection accuracy means high work efficiency. Operators will not waste their time on handling countless false alarms.

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