The MOBOTIX M15D – Weatherproof Thermographic Camera

Fans of the Mobotix M15D model, recently had more reason to celebrate when Mobotix released the M15-Thermal Weatherproof Thermographic system. The camera houses a thermal sensor module with the option to add a secondary optical sensor module.

While the thermal module is fixed, users can choose what type of secondary module is used – so you can back up your thermal sensor with either a Day/Colour or Night/Black & White sensor. This combination proves to be a winning combo for many individuals and businesses.

Thermal sensors are ideal for detecting people in low light situations or where the scene is littered with obstacles, criminals are no longer able to hide behind such obstacles, thanks to the advanced thermal imaging technology.

Once a target is detected, the secondary optical sensor in the M15 can be used to capture and identify specific details.

If a heat source is detected at night, the camera can be configured to communicate with surrounding lighting, which can be activated by the trigger. This then allows the optical sensor to identify facial features or license plates of the target.

The M15D-Thermal is a decentralized IP video device, fully weatherproof (IP66) and utilizes less than half the power of most thermal imaging cameras (max 5.5W).

It includes an internal speaker and microphone for two-way communication. If required, a user can communicate through the camera, or set a pre-recorded message to play out over the speaker as a warning or welcome message based on event actions.

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